DotNet is a leading and well-established ICT Solution company provides services in many fields of Information Communication Technology for all types of businesses, governmental sectors, organizations, media institutions, and home based computers across the Kurdistan region in and around Iraq.
DotNet as an expanding company is now providing all types of security equipment around the region for a safer environment.
DotNet offers professional IT consultancy to help clients achieve high performance by increasing the efficiency of their operation on a daily basis.
Our highly trained certified engineers guarantee quality of services. We aim to provide fast operational efficiency whilst reducing costs in all work we undertake.
Please feel free to contact us regarding any query about our product and services.
DotNet provides ICT Solution Support Services in the following fields    
·    Web design and Programming
·    Software and Database    
·    Network Services
·    ICT Support
·    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
·    Security System (Webcam, barcode, fingerprint, etc)
·    Electronic System (Touch Screen, Electronic Queue System, Electronic Display Screen, etc)
·    Training Courses
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