Electronic Systems
DotNet provides Electronic and Visual Display Systems to help businesses, governmental and public service to pass their information and service to their customers or public.
DotNet supply the following Electronic and Visual Display systems
·    Queuing management systems using numbered tickets they can be controlled by a stand alone keypad, or from a PC
·    Outdoor/Indoor Electronic Display units
·    Projection systems
·    Barcode reader for supermarkets to register all incoming and outgoing products
These products can be setup in the following locations
·    Company reception areas
·    Hotel lobby areas
·    University building entrances
·    Theatre foyers
·    Town Hall main entrance
·    Library reception area
·    Hospital waiting rooms
·    Supermarkets
·    Conference centre lobbies
·    Airports
·    Banks

Call Center Systems (IVR, CTI, PBX…etc)
DotNet have an extensive experience to install and setup Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. This technology used in telecommunication by connecting phone lines to computer systems and will direct the caller through steps to get the right information the caller needs to reach and transfer the caller to the right department. It has many features as following
·    Multiple telephone line support, up to 64 lines simultaneously
·    Configure and manage from web control panel
·    Caller ID logging and optional on-screen caller ID flash display
·    Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers
·    Call transfer (subject to your phone company)
·    Save in-coming voice messages as wav files (keep messages for legal/record purposes)
·    Unlimited (selectable) out-going voice messages
·    Automated outbound calls and messages
·    Call simulator is included so you can test your systems off-line
·    Unlimited voice mail boxes (each with own email forward, internet access page or remote access)
·    Text-to-Speech voice synthesis as an alternative to recording or importing WAV or MP3 files
·    Ability to open files or run other software to process data or report information
·    Remote Access by phone
·    Plug-in offer internet and ODBC or SQL connectivity, hardware control and more...

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